Little Flower Church Kothannoor Dinne Bangalore

Vicar's Message

Little  Flower Church at  Kothannoor  has  experienced the  infinite love and providence of God from the very beginning of its existence.  Gratitude is  born  in  hearts  that  take  time  to  count  up  blessings.Gratitude  is  thankfulness. 
It is a duty which one must pay for favors and help  received, gifts and blessings showered upon
 us. Our gladness is complete  when we express our gratitude.


15th   July  2013  has  become  an  unforgettable day  of  immense joy and sense of fulfillment with the elevation of our Semi-public Parish into the status  of an Independent Parish.

We  cannot  but  remember  and  be  grateful to  all the  helping  hands  that  have  been  influential to  us  to this  great  moment  of  development. I agree with Brian Tracy who says: 
“Develop an attitude  of  gratitude and  give thanks  for  everything that  happens to  you  knowing that  every step forward is one step toward 
achieving something bigger and better”.  I  bring  out  here  all  the  sentiments  of  my  parishioners  to  express  gratitude,  a  tune  of thankfulness to  all the  significant  persons  who  have made it  possible.                God’s intervention at different stages of the task 
has been remarkable. He has blessed  us with  right people and means at the  right time. What shall we call it but  real Divine providence. So let us express our
 gratitude to God and to all our  Benefactors at each and every moment of our
 lives on earth.

With Love and Prayers

Fr.George Myladoor O.Carm.       
    (Parish Priest)

Members of Catechism PTA

Sini Mannoor
Manoj Nellinilkumthadathil
Vidhu Rojin Kadaplackal
Jiphy Joseph Thalakottur


Members of Little Flower Trust

Fr. George Myladoor – Managing Trustee
Fr. Robert Thomas Pudussery - Prior of Carmel Jyothi
Manoj Kuruppumparambil - Secretary
Francis Porinchu Thalakottour – Treasurer
Thankachan C. Vettathu
Thomas J. Puthenpurackel
Vincent P. Puthur


Mathruvedhi Leaders

Mary Ouseph Kunnath - President
Lissy Manathoor - Vice-president
Ancy Thomas Puthenpurackal - Secretary
Celin Devis Vadakoottu - Treasurer
Sr Santha Maria S.D - Mathruvedhi In-charge

Little Flower of Jesus

Teresa of Lisieux

Little Flower of Jesus

Theresa Martin was the last of nine children born to Louis and Zelie Martin on January 2,1873,in Alencon France.
At 15,she entered the Carmelite convent in Lisieux to give her whole life to God.She took the religious name Sister Theresa of Child Jesus. Living a hidden,simple life of prayer,she was gifted with great intimacy with God.Through sickness and dark nights of doubt and fear, she remained faithful to God,Rooted in His merciful love.After a long struggle with tuberculosis,she died on September 30,1897,at the age of 24. Her last words were the story of her life:"My God,I Love You".
Her inspiration and powerful presence from heaven touched many people very quickly .She was canonized by pope Pius XI on May 17th,1925.
"My Mission-to make God Loved-will begin after my death,"she said "I will Spend my life in heaven doing good on earth. I will let Fall a shower of Roses."Roses have been described and experienced as St.Theresa's signature.Millions have been touched by her intercession and imitate her "little way." She has been acclaimed "The greatest Saint of modern times."In 1995,Pope John Paul II declared st.Theresa a Doctor of the Church-the only Doctor of his pontificate-In tribute to the powerful way her spirituality has influenced people all over the world .


Parish Council Members

1. Fr. George Myladoor Vicar
2. Sr Santha Maria S.D Convent Mother Superior
3. Renil M.Joseph Mannoor Kaikkaran
4. Rajesh Philip Illimootil Kaikkaran
5. Abin Manual Kunnath Accountant
6. Manoj Kuruppumparambil Catechism Representative
7. Mary Ouseph Kunnath Mathruvedhi - President
8. Renil Joseph Mannoor St.Joseph Ward - President
9. Tomy Kalarickal Little Flower Ward - President
10. Joy Joseph Cheruvallath          St.Alphonsa Ward - President
11. Nishanth Varghese Akkara St.Thomas Ward - President
12. Jijo Johnson Little Flower Youth - President


Catechism Teachers

Sr. Greena SD                          Head Mistress
Phelosia Francis                     Asst. Head Mistress
Bro. Joby                                 Catechism Incharge
Sneha Joseph                         Secretary (+91 9481187651)

Neethu Biju                             Std. I (+91 8762766622)
Bindhu Rajesh                        Std. II (+91 9535771635)
Thara Deljo                            Std. III (+91 8147570569)
Sr. Ivy SD                               Std.IV (+91 9449169633)
Dhanya Jacob                         Std. V (+91 9945005000)
Sijimol Sabu                            Std. VI (+91 9738425554)
Subin Varghese                       Std. VII (+91 9380968308)
Sr. Greena SD                         Std. VIII (+91 9847036308)
Manoj Kuruppumparambil     Std. IX (+91 9986694067)
Bro. Joby Joseph                    Std. X (+91 9448806029)
Peloshia Francis                      Std. XI (+91 9880647100)
Bro. Ebin Baby                        Std. XII (+91 9448806029)
Megha Joseph / Sini Renil      Substitute Teachers (+91 8105712272/ +91 8861595028)


Little Flower Youth Leaders

Josbin John - President
Anu Varghese - Vice-president
Jeffin/Ancy Varghese - Secretary
Sharon - Treasurer
Subin Varghese - Zonal Representative

Little Flower Choir Leaders

Boby Naduparambil
Bindhu Rajesh Illimootil